zondag 19 november 2017

19 November - Updated research and selling BPC-packages

I wasn't that active during the week. Today I had some research jobs finished. I was mainly waiting for a new batch of 21 copies of 40 runs of Capital Construction Parts which I needed to finish 14 Rorqual BPC packages.

I posted on the forum of my allicance that I have Rorqual packs available and I sold 2 packages for 180M Isk each. In the past I never bothered making BPC packages, because it's too much hassle to make all copies with the correct number of runs.

In this case I decided to make some packages, because I start to have a big pile of 40 run copies. Also in the packages I expect to be able to get 350k isk per run and I only get 187,5k per run when I sell them in 40 run copies.

At least I found out when making the Rorqual packages that its time consuming to make them, because I tend to put my BPO's in 30 days run to make 21 copies with 40 runs so it took some waiting time befor all BPO's wher available to make the odd number copies for the packages.

I expect I will make more packages in the near future other ships also.
14 November - Transporting manufactured items to the market

Just doing some random price updates on the items I have on the market. 7B out of 12B sold now.

Joined a quick hotdrop in Curse, but the targets were fast and away before tackled.

maandag 13 november 2017

13 November - Transporting manufactured items to the market

First of all it was a problem to access my account. Due to an update of the Eve Online launcher it was not possible to access the game. I went to do someting else and luckily after some time it was possible to login again.

The day in eve started with transporting some of the stuff I manufactured from my Astrahus to Jita to put the manufactured items on the market.

After flying back with my Providence Freigther to the Astrahus I got a ping about a possible hotdrop on carrier in Curse. Unfortunately the target was gone while setting up the fleet so I docked my Purifier without any action.

After a break I some production is finished and I had to move 4 Providences and 2 Bustard loads to Jita to put on the market.

Next few days I probably will also be busy updating the market orders to be able to sale the production of last Sunday.

zondag 12 november 2017

12 November - K-B2D3 Gate Camp

After setting up production I decided to do some PVP and did join a gate camp fleet.

The gatecamp resulted in 406M in kills.

Mainly due to a 330M Viator kill. The Viator was only loaded with 200.000 Helium Isotopes, but still it was a juicy kill for a relaxed gatecamp.
12 November - Setting up production

To have a productive start of this Sunday I decided to set up some production to run my Excel to see what is profitable to produce.

After crunching the numbers my production list consist of :

40 Battleships
42 Battlecruisers
320 Large Rigs
50 Deployable Structures

Potential profit after taxes and fee's is 2.2 billion plus 0.6 billion in trading profit by buying all required materials with buy orders.

Mainly due to the battleship production I needed 6 trips with my Providence freighter and 1 with my Bustard to move everything to my production Astrahus. Dividend Blog